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22 Jun Pave way for a memorable event with best light and sound system

In this modern world, lights and sound have their own place, whether you are organizing a family function or any professional meeting. Even, themes are also available for the all type of parties and this gives amazing and attractive look to the party. If you are also in search of such lights and sound that can make your evening much better as it may be, then you can look for equipment of light and sound on rent. Get these equipment for rent on reasonable price and enjoy your evening in the best way. However, it is even better if you could facilities for lights and sound all at one place.

best light and sound system

Hire a reputed company only

Besides visiting a store nearby, you can browse through several online stores that fulfill this requirement conveniently. After a little bit of research, you can avail all the requisite light and such rental systems from a reputed store at reasonable price. Such online shops are likely to offer various services like all type of audio and video solution, drapery and décor facility, event lighting and corporate and tradeshow. In addition, you can expect decent customer support service from these stores as well. For example, service man will come to your home for installing lighting equipment and you may contact the concerned person later on if you face any problem in lights or sound equipment.

These lights and sound rental Toronto professionals get accomplished training to perform their task, so you do not need to worry about their on-site services. It is customer’s duty to tell what they want in their event so that the concerned rental company could satisfy their requirements without hassles. Once you are clear about your necessities, you can get all equipment at reasonable price on rent so that event may be memorable for you.

A flurry of tools and equipment

Several lights and sound rental Toronto equipment that you can opt for include:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Podium
  • Pipe and drape
  • Cable
  • Staging
  • Follow spots
  • Atmospheric effect

To get complete details about lighting and sound system, you may contact the company and check the availability of the equipment as per your requirement. You may also check our gallery, which has previous event arrangements. If you want any customized event for your theme party, then, these rental light and sound system providers will make sure to abide by your specific theme obligations in their arrangement.

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17 Jun Microphone rentals in Toronto – For ultimate success of your events

Microphones are the most important devices of recording as well as amplification organizations. These wonderful man-made devices are used to generate signals from sound waves. These signals are worked upon by software and hardware to generate magnificent sound and music. Therefore, in order to have a successful event, occasion, or recording period you need to focus on choosing a perfect microphone.

Luckily, numerous companies offering microphone rentals in Toronto provide an exclusive range of microphones of your desire. All you need is to name the type and you will have a wide range of rentals offering you the same.

Microphone rentals in Toronto

Benefits of microphone rentals


  • Audio-Video resources: At events having an enormous gathering, the audio-visual facilities play an important role in the uplifting of the event. Microphones impart perfection quoted services in the conduction of any and every large scale event. Microphone Rentals provide you with not just quality imparting microphones but also a well-trained crew to manage the entire setup from the beginning until the end of the event to ensure its successful execution.
  • Corporate usage: Corporate meetings, conferences, or presentations mostly require the services of microphone rentals. You may plan to set up a booth or a stall somewhere for advertising purposes, to enthrall the audiences at large. It enables your skillful advertising tricks to match up with the loud and clear microphone services and as a result, your brand would be highlighted for all the good reasons.


The well trained crew and online services

Microphone Rentals Toronto offers a well-trained crew to manage your events with excellence and offers assistance from the start to the end. From device setup to wiring to the entire event management, the trained crewmembers ensure that your events are a sure shot success.

You can avail these microphone rentals easily while relaxing back at home. You simply need to review the needs of your event, and know about your requirements. Once you are sure of what you want, it becomes easier to search for the best microphone rentals in Toronto and accomplish your work with minimum efforts.

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12 Jun How audio visual rental companies can add essence to your events?

If you want to enjoy the advantages of lights, camera and action altogether, then you should go for Audio Visual Rental Companies. They are the actual deal makers or breakers today. Whatever be the event, these companies know how to steal the show and are quite good at doing that.

So, if you have been planning to host any event, then just hire one among the many Audio Visual Rental Companies and let them organize a stellar show. You will find many companies, eager to help you but because your reputation is at stake, you should always settle for the best among the rest.

audio visual rental companies

Services offered

Generally, Audio Visual Rental Companies look after all the necessary setups required to make any event a success. They offer guidance in the following cases:

  • Solve all visual and audio issues
  • Can organize stages for both tradeshows and also for corporate events
  • Look not only after the lightings but also provides the perfect presentation
  • Can drape and decorate the venue and create an impactful ambiance.

Moreover, audio visual rental companies ensure one-stop solution to ease all your party-panics. The experienced and expert team of these service providers will never let you down rather will suggest amazing alternatives for ultimate success of your even.

About the rentals

Each event is different from the other and calls for a distinct decoration. Indeed, buying all stuff in order to make your party a grand success is not one of the most recommended decisions. Perhaps, renting them would be a better idea and exactly at this juncture, audio visual rental companies could prove to be of great assistance. They can rent you all the required devices like:

  • Audio systems for various kinds
  • Wide range of video and projections
  • Lightings and spot lights
  • Drapes and pipes for decoration
  • Equipment that effects and enhance the atmosphere
  • Podiums or stages depending on nature of the events
  • Furniture required for staging or other works

The best Audio Visual Rental Companies try to offer excellent service and branded equipment so that no hitch hampers the events. Thus, if you are in need of such devices, do hire them at the earnest!

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23 May Rock Your Events with Top-Notch AV Rentals in Toronto

Are you planning to organize a huge seminar in a luxurious place like Toronto?  Then, you must connect to a high-quality audio visual staging company that offers the best equipment for rent. A renowned Av rentals Toronto for is necessary to make your seminar more exciting to the audiences. This company ends up providing with high-quality technical support and production services. Therefore, it helps you to organize a successful event or program.

Choose the best event partner!

The top-class service provider believes in providing with high-quality staging and hassle-free technical supports along with best AV rentals in Toronto. Below are some reasons why one should rely on this AV rentals Toronto services:

AV Rentals in Toronto

  • The most effective AV rental in Toronto provides the clients with complete assistance in organizing events, programs, and live shows at multiple locations.
  • The expert’s team offers the clients with all sorts of support regarding technical equipment as desired by the event management team.
  • High quality and timely event production services. Get personalized solution for your events that meet the creative ideas and budget.
  • Also, it helps you organizing virtual meetings by webcasting and streaming the live events to various remote areas.

Well, from top AV rentals in Toronto you can avail a wide variety of rental equipment such as Sound Systems, Plasma Screens, Projection Screens, and Lighting equipment. One can get the full service such as – AV consulting organization, staging, and AV equipment rental. It offers services based on both in audio visual rentals and equipment installations.

Save Money – Get Best Services Online:

A wonderful lighting art plays an essential part in events. It upgrades the temperament and creates an energetic aura. Make the blast with the best sound and lighting combination by purchasing equipment online. The world-class company dealing in AV rental in Toronto can help you to organize a wide variety of events such as conventions, sales meetings, Trade shows, conferences, meetings, press conferences, annual meetings, seminars, product launches, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of the cutting-edge technology and avail top-class visual consulting assistance. Get in touch with the quality services, today!

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17 May LED Lighting Rentals – An Inevitable Necessity for hosting important events

LED lights are, quite possibly, man’s greatest creation. Think about it yourself! They can run for over sixty years, are extremely cheap and require very little maintenance. They use very little electricity, so not only are they easy on your pocket, but also are environment friendly! You can use normal LED lighting in your homes of course, but they can be of so much more use than that!

LEDs can jazz up any wedding, birthdays and concerts. For event lightings like this, it is obviously impractical to spend money on buying the lights. What you can do instead is call up one of the several LED lighting rentals Toronto to rent the lights that you need. Many services organizations offer the services of LED uplighting on rent. You can single out the best ones and call one of them to provide the necessary lighting for your event.

LED Lighting Rentals

Why you need professional lighting solutions?

You might wonder why lighting is so important. Here is why:

  • Lighting can make or break the ambience and success of an event.
  • It sets the mood for every event, and ensures that the audience has a well-lit view.
  • Proper lighting ensures direct attention towards the focal point of any event. LED lighting rentals Toronto thus make your life a lot easier by making sure that whatever the event is, it is a huge success.
  • Proper lighting helps the photo and videography teams can operate smoothly and LED uplighting rentals Toronto are the solution to all of your problems.


Empire Audio-Visual, or Empire AV, is one of the best LED lighting rentals Toronto. They offer a huge range of services, for a huge range of events like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, concerts, gigs and even corporate tradeshows. They can provide you with the best audio-visual solutions and promise to deliver to an unforgettable user experience. Empire AV is one of the few LED uplighting rentals Toronto, which has a team of very knowledgeable professionals who work with you from the very first step – choosing the venue, to the very last one – executing the event successfully.

With the help of professional LED lighting rentals Toronto, you can ensure smooth functioning of your event. Moreover, your guests will remember it for a very long time to come!

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09 May How To Rent Podiums In Toronto

Podiums are an essential part of the staging or in the context of a congregation’s speaker booth in any kind of event, show or ceremony. Be it in churches or at schools and universities or wedding ceremonies or beauty pageants; podiums are a must.

Though an essentiality in staging that may not seem to grab as much attention as other stage elements like the background music or lighting, the podium speaks for itself as the mini-platform of grabbing an entire conference’s audiences.

Podium in Toronto

The Limelight

No matter how fancy or simple looking these podiums may be, it serves a great purpose in actuating the position of the speaker and compels the crowd to draw their attention towards the podium.

Podiums, however, can also have their share of the limelight when designed or decorated in a fresh or distinctive way. The design or decorations around the podium is usually a reflection of the event or festival that it is being used at. For instance, a podium at a Christmas event may have red socks, Christmas candies and Christmas bells hanging at all the spots of its body, showcasing the spirit of the festivity and the event.

Renting a Podium in Toronto

Due to its varying uses, it may be, at times, difficult to keep making or buying different styles of podiums as these items also do not come cheap. Therefore, in Toronto, some companies and businesses provide podiums on a rental.

These rentals are charged on the basis of the number of hours or days and also the velocity of the event. Podium rentals in Toronto are extensive and are available in the form of direct rental purchase or as part of a bigger event managing unit.

What is so special?

The best thing about podium rentals in Toronto is the fact that it comes in a variety of options. Hence, a customer or an event management company can continually keep rental different designs and styles of Podiums depending on the event. They do not have to worry about having to spend a big price tag on a one-time purchase. This may potentially have no future value, thus, resulting in a lesser Return on Investment.

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05 May Drape Rental in Toronto – For a paradisiacal decoration of your event’s venue

Organizing a party or a get together could be a challenging yet fun task for most of the people. To arrange for an event requires renting different things like lighting arrangement, video and audio arrangements, food, and other interior equipment. Taking care of all such requirements without the help of any expert service provider could often become a difficult task. Equipment are available on rent at affordable prices, based on the requirement in most of the places. However, it is important to know about the nature of event, so that you could end up renting right equipment without wasting money.

Drape Rental

Among the many things desired to make an event awesome, drape rental in Toronto hold high significance. While they add essence to the decoration, they leave an everlasting impression on the guests. Heart pondering drape decorations in enthralling colors and patterns simply act as the USP of the party, and end up making it a success straightaway. Here are some other equipment that contribute equally to the success of your event.

Drape Rental in Toronto

Rent audio and video equipment

These are among the most common equipment in any party or a get-together. Audio and video equipment are available at cheaper costs in the present day generation, as the costs of the equipment have gone down with more features. Audio and video equipment are supposed to chosen by a trained or an experienced professional, as renting excess equipment could result in wastage. Some of the common audio and video equipment would be speakers, mic, media players, and connections and so on.

Rent interior equipment

It is widely recommended to hire a company or an experienced individual to take care of interior decoration. Right interior equipment plays an important role in organizing a successful party. Interior equipment could range from chairs, tables to window panes and dreads. You can contact some of the event planners to find companies, who can provide Drape Rental in Toronto to rent the right color drape for the event.

To sum up, the interior designer would have enough knowledge to prepare the surroundings in a beautiful way, as they will have enough knowledge over different kinds of interiors and equipment required for the event to take place in a successful way.

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26 Apr How podium rentals Toronto can rock the atmosphere of your event

For vivid kinds of events, happening in the office, home or with friends outside, it is important to keep the atmosphere charged up. While the people attending the events contribute exceptionally to the positive vibes, podium rentals Toronto are equally effective in making your occasion a massive hit. For sure, they create a great difference in terms of the atmosphere. Moving on with this discussion, gere Some of the must have aspects of a thriving event

Melodious music from a professional

A great music holds the tendency to sway away the audiences. Music from right professional or reputed music jockeys could be beneficial, as they can change the tunes according to the situation in the party. Amateur musicians are however equally prone to spoil the moment, which is the reason why you should avoid hiring their services.

podium rentals Toronto

Best lighting system

Lighting system plays an important role in any event as it enhances the mood and adds excitement in the atmosphere. If you are a regular on organizing events, then buying the lighting systems would be a feasible choice. However, if it is an occasional event then it is always better to rent them at a cost effective price.  Several companies in Toronto can rent every possible equipment, which could help your function to become a great success.

Good stages and podiums

For any corporate event, Podium rentals in Toronto can help people to get podiums and stages in Toronto for temporary purposes. Renting these items need great care as a minor problem could ruin your entire event or a party. It is hence wise to Check out the reputed podium rentals in Toronto, as a low-quality podiums or stages could cost you dearly sometimes.

If you are organizing a party, make sure to do with great care and precision, as its success could open the way for better business or social engagement opportunities. Once you take care of all the rentals and equipment carefully well in advance, you can handle the event with acure precision. Your positive move would encourage others to follow your suit as well, hence it is always better to finalize cost effective podium rentals Toronto deals.

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22 Apr Audio Rental in Toronto – Setting the mood for your event

As there are many events in both commercial and residential sector with different kinds of sets, the interiors, the change in sets depend mainly on the requirement of the event. It is important to understand the requirement before planning the lighting or any other equipments installation in the location. An event equipment installation would be a tough task, as it requires a lot of time and energy to install it in the right way.

Owing to a wide range of event equipment available in the market, you can either buy one for your respective purpose. Alternatively, you can also get event equipment on a rental basis. The two most common and important event equipment to buy or rent in Toronto include:

Audio visual rental Toronto

Lighting system for the environment:

It is one of the important aspects of any event, since it sets the mood of the party in an effective manner. Only lighting can define the mood and the essence of the party. As lighting system comes with different sorts based on the requirement and demand, it is important to hire a good lighting system provider to have a proper lighting system for the occasion.

Video and Audio rental in Toronto

The demand for video and audio rental in Toronto is evergreen for parties and social events, etc. Indeed, music is one of the most important aspects of any event and spreads the joy to the party. However, only the right music and a jockey can change the party and keeps it alive for a long time. Some of the celebration events cannot go without music because of obvious reasons. Only right music equipment can make the difference in terms of quality and user effectiveness. It is possible to get video and audio rental equipment from a professional lender.

To summarize, you can rent audio rental equipment for a certain amount of period and return it with care. Some of these equipment are really expensive and it would be difficult for to buy it, as you would not be using it on a regular basis.

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17 Apr Event Lighting Toronto – Available for vivid occasions at homes and offices

Lighting system adds life to an event, provided that it is up to the mark and comprises colourful arrangement of lights, in sync with each other. Indeed, lighting arrangement is very much different from the normal style at home, as a customized lighting provides light based on a calculative process. Hence, like in other places, the business of event Lighting is proliferating exceptionally amid the professional and private events in Toronto as well. The need is however to hire a renowned service provider in order get away with any hassles occurring later on.

Corporate Lighting Arrangement

Corporate lighting arrangement depends mainly on the genre of the party, where you can provide lighting for a longer area than a residential lighting arrangement. You can use mild colours and depend on the occasion, change colours according to the event. Ensure to have services from a reputed event lighting Toronto providers in order to receive a fine service from the professional team of people.

Event Lighting Toronto

Residential lighting arrangement

Residential lighting arrangements are different from the corporate lighting arrangement, as you end up having your family relatives and pals around. The lighting arrangement would go according to the occasion and the event lighting Toronto can help you with different varieties of samples to choose the best one or customize your lighting based on the requirement.

Party lighting arrangement

Party lighting arrangement could be very much different from corporate and residential, as most of the lighting relies on the atmosphere of the party. The light would be changed according to the requirement and it plays a major role for the people enjoying the party. Only a professional with a lot of experience would be able to manage the party lighting arrangement, as the change of colours is expected to change the mood of the individual in the party.

Lighting is very much important in every event irrespective of corporate or residential or in the party, as the lighting effect could change the mood of any individual. A proper lighting arrangement could make the event success, as people in the party would be productive and the mood would be relishing.

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