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10 Apr Screen Projector Rentals in Toronto – Adding Essence to Your Events

You can enjoy the services of screen and projector rentals with the point source audio systems along with the loudspeaker sound management. It covers your needs on festivals as well as on routine activities with large entertainment venues. It also facilitates you with a wide range of innovative projection and full inventory of matrix switching. It often includes large delivery of image mapping over a huge surface to provide an immersive experience for your audiences.

Use of screen protector in Toronto

Screen and projector rentals have established customs in many countries for different corporate events and have widespread acceptable in Toronto as well. You can always use these utilitarian equipment for a several events ranging from small business meetings to big occasions such as trade show, charity shows, wedding and inaugural shows.

Screen projector rentals in Toronto

Get screen protector on rent in Toronto

You can get the screen and projectors on rent with free shipping in much more attractive designs and sizes of your own choice. As is obvious, the portable projection screen has long lasting impressions on the viewers’ minds and fills their thoughts with unforgettable memories. For better operational understanding, these tools also accompany appropriate manuals.

The main purpose of Screen and projector rentals in Toronto is to provide maximum satisfaction and peace of mind to the users.

Moreover, the organizers of corporate events prefer to have a projection screen on rent for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Galas
  • Product launches
  • Political events
  • Educational events
  • Ritual events

For all these and many more occasions, screen projectors, along with a perfect balance of audio and video equipment add a quintessential essence. While you buy them, you can save considerably on your budget as well, since buying them would cost you a fortune.

To conclude, projection screen is the backbone for countless events throughout Toronto. Its use has become common practice for the people in order to enthrall the attention of the audience. From the stage to the teaching, film screen and charities these screen and projector rentals in Toronto has become the integral part of their functions.

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21 Mar Smart steps to look out for reputed event lighting rental Toronto

Doing a thorough research is of high importance when there is a need to rent event lighting. You need to make sure of taking proper steps that would serve your purpose while leaving you tension free. In this context, it is imperative to check the credentials of the concerned service providers besides other things. Here are some more of the effective tips to assist in your cause of looking out for best event lighting rental Toronto

Variety of lighting equipment

You must try to make sure of taking good steps while searching for various types of lighting equipment that are available.  Some of the seasoned companies operating in this business could provide you with a wide range of lighting resources such as:

  • Led Bar
  • Martin Mac 350 Entour
  • Martin Atomic 3000
  • Martin Mac Aura
  • Source 4 Zoom 15°-30°

Smart steps to look out for reputed event lighting rental Toronto

Useful consultation

The event lighting provider should be able to provide apt suggestions on the type of resources that could give your event a perfect setting. The creative teams of these companies care to perform a visit to the venue of the function. This helps them to come up with a technical event itinerary to make sure that their equipment fulfills the entire requirement.

The lighting ambiance

The lighting that you choose should be able to enhance the stage and the entire event place. In addition, it also works actively in ensuring quality photography and videography. No wonder, it is the best to set the mood of your guests and motivate them to enjoy the event to the hilt. Hence, the quality of event lighting rental Toronto also holds high significance.

Cost Consideration:

As obvious, the price of rental equipment should not burden your pocket much. If it suits your budget, you can save much of the amount, to invest them in the other important aspects of your event.

In short, you need to find the best service provider for event lighting rental Toronto that would serve your requirement in the right manner. This will not only ensure the success of your event but will also enhance your credibility among your business stakeholders.

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14 Mar Sound and lighting rental Toronto – Infusing Excitement in your Events

In order to create buzz or make actions in any event, sound and lighting play important role. These not only jazz up the party but also make it more lively and entertaining. If office presentations are the reason for your worry, then also you can stay calm. Many firms take up the responsibilities to make these official events success as well along with recreational parties. What you need to do is just to contact the best Sound and lighting rental Toronto company among the lot.

Sound and lighting rental Toronto – Infusing Excitement in your Events

What to expect?

The companies waiting to help you in this regard have certain basic facilities:

  • Official events: If you want to plan a corporate communion or a trade show, then also you can take refuge under the wings of these firms.
  • Decorations: An attractive décor enthralls the attention of the onlookers and creates a memorable ambiance. Depending on the nature of the event, it sets the mood.
  • Sound and Scenes: The crucial thing to keep in mind, while planning events is that every individual feels included and for that matter, the sound system needs to be pitch-perfect.
  • Lighting: If decorations make up the environment, the lighting enhances it. With the help of correct lighting, you can bring into focus what you want to. In order to click pictures and to record videos, the need for light is undeniable.

Thus, it is wise to go for a Sound and lighting rental Toronto firm that owns capable team members and are dexterous in providing all the basic amenities.

Where to find?

The best and the most easiest way perhaps of getting hold of a good helping hand is by searching online. That way you can compare many companies simultaneously and then can select the one with more facilities suiting your needs and supporting your budget.

It is not a wise decision to buy the equipment required for successful presentations, as they are quite costly and need proper maintenance.  Instead, you should go for such a Sound and lighting rental Toronto firm that could rent you the equipment and manage the events at affordable cost!

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24 Feb Unforgettable Stage and Lighting Rental Services Toronto – Setting the Mood of your Party

The Toronto is a beautiful place with full of skyscrapers. Do you know lot of questions how Torontonians makes unforgettable party moments? What does Torontonians need while planning parties? How party wedding, social events, company collaboration, conference, shows, and festivals organized? The solution is a light stage and music. The basic need is light, action, sound, music, and stage Technology. Technology plays important role in Torontonians life.

Choosing the best service

Here are few questions that you try to find out the answer while zeroing-on the best stage and lighting service provider.

  • Which agency offers best stage and lighting rental service without any delay?
  • Who offers best stage and lighting equipment?
  • Which agency has the ability staff members to manage proceedings?
  • How to find the experienced and well-qualified members for any event management?
  • At that instant, which agency is available for the tune up of occasion?
  • What is the budget amount paid by the client?
  • How to make unforgettable life moments?

stage and lighting rental services Toronto

To get satisfying answers to all these questions, opting for a technologically sound company would be the best solution. That is why one needs to select the stage and lighting rental services in Toronto carefully.

Stage Selection

Toronto Peoples search best budget price indoor and outdoor stages. They know who offer safe, and secure qualified stage professionals. The professionals for educational institutes, colleges, fashion shows, concerts and conference organizers are chooses on reviews and popularity.

Light Selection

The lightning selection is a difficult and most daunting task for any event. That is why professional lighting service provider is necessary. Hired experienced lighting professionals to know what kind of lighting equipment’s are necessary, according to the event. The best technology and concern to the industry best experts selected. Thus, help to create a memorable party night.

Production team

The major role played by the assembler team while organizing any event in the Toronto. The production management members know the client’s need. Depending on the event the production team decides whether projectors, screen, LED visuals, are necessary or not. Simple, to classic functions, the team knows best sound management technology. It offers the soothe effect to listeners.

The people of Toronto are famous all over the world to select the best stage and lighting rental services Toronto. They know best musicians, light engineers, designers, tradesman, and sound managers. It is well-known fact that expert team makes unforgettable moments. Torontonians care about the quality, dedication and valuable time delivery technology.

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19 Feb How Choosing an AV lender in Toronto could spruce up your event?

All of us host events or gatherings when something is important happens in our lives or when something is expected to happen. Choosing the right audio visual equipments lender becomes very crucial especially for events like trade show appearance, virtual meeting, etc. Only a great partnership can create a show that will remain etched in the memory of your guests. Just like in any other city choosing the right lender in Toronto is also easier when said than done.

How Choosing an AV lender in Toronto could spruce up your event

Singling out the best AV lender

By following the guidelines below you can choose the best one from the lot.

  • The background check: experience is a very important in any field of work and AV rentals is no exception for this. Borrow the equipments from a company that is at least 3 years old. Also check for the number of employees they have and the quality assistance they can provide you in case of any technical error.
  • Check for the testimonials or reviews on their website, if they have one. Take a tour of all the facilities they offer and also talk to the references they provide to you. You can also ask suggestions from your friends who have already borrowed AV equipments before.
  • One source only: It is the best for you to borrow the equipments from one company. So give them the details of your event and the list of equipment you will require properly. Make sure they have the inventories to match your requirements. Find out before making the contract it if they are making any subcontracts with some other lender. Make a contract, such that the company you are borrowing from takes sole responsibility for any questions or issues during on-site installation.
  • Cost management: Any event is organized within a certain budget and you should have allocated some specific budget for the AV equipments. Keep this in mind before signing in the lender. Compromising on your budget might put you in risks later. Also talk to them about the charges for fixing any issues at the event site or installation of the equipments. Try to work out a total support package to be of more benefit.

If you ensure you have this list checked before making a contract with any lender to host the best event, your function would surely be a thumping success.

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13 Feb Why You Should Hire Audio Visual Services for Conferencing?

These days, audio visual conferencing can be the cost effective and easy solution for companies. Often also termed as conference call, Audio visual in Toronto plays a vital role to fill the gap between clients based in different locations as they can interact face to face. With the assistance of audio visual in Toronto, people in different locations can plan virtual meetings as if they are in similar location. Web and audio conferencing are cost effective and powerful tools to provide collaboration in different locations.

Hire Audio Visual Services

Here are some of the effective benefits of audio visual in Toronto for business:

  • Modern audio visual technology is designed to save a lot of time and money for the businesses in daily life. Today, companies can easily save on accommodation and travel expenses with audio visual in Toronto. It can easily help achieve higher productivity of staff by cutting the needs for traveling.
  • The advanced audio visual conferencing is very mobile and versatile these days. These days, anyone can attend the meeting from any area of the office, especially in case of split decisions that tend the organizers to reschedule or move the meeting. In addition, you won’t have to disrupt or delay meetings because of traffic jams, strikes, and delayed flights.
  • With the help of audio visual in Toronto, one can easily make important business decision as physical meeting is no longer required. You can even make decisions even if you are on emergency vacations.
  • It can save a lot of money for the companies as they can easily cut the needs for office space. It also saves money, as they don’t have to rent a large office space as most of your staff can work at home. In addition, companies can also save more on transport allowances for their staff to commute to and from office.

The audio visual in Toronto can significantly help the businesses by providing instant communication across the world with less pain.  Today, delegates can easily attend the meetings when they are physically not able to. In areas where leaders cannot access because of safety reasons, these interactive technologies can help them by meeting their staff without any limitations.

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07 Feb Sound rental firm in Toronto – The Reason behind thriving success of your events

If you are planning to organize a party, then all its elements need to be at point, but it is impossible to look after everything single-handedly. In this situation, certain companies and firms are feasible to consider. They are the prop providers for the party who keep the zest of the whole thing intact. If you are in search of perfect music equipment that will lift the mood of your party, then you should go to sound rental firm in Toronto, which will definitely make you happy.

What do sound rental firm in Toronto do?

The sound equipment that make a party alive are pretty costly to own and quite a trouble to maintain and so some firms have popped up that rent these in order to help people in their special occasions. If you search for sound rental firm in Toronto online, you will get ample of options through which you can surf and opt for that which suits your needs. Many such websites are there who showcase their available devices for the convenience of the customers.

Advantages of such borrowing

In order to know why borrowing is better than buying these stuffs, you must understand these reasons:

  • It saves your time– if you are organizing a party then it is evident that you want to spend more time with your guests and for that to happen, you need to keep yourself free from duties.
  • Not harsh on your pocket– in order to give your party, the needed push, you will require the best sound quality but owning such a thing is not affordable and hence the firms are renting stuffs at a low rate.
  • Up to the marksound rental firm in Toronto provide their customers with devices, which are new and perform well.
  • Hassle free– you don’t need to wreck your nerves for maintaining these devices for better performance.
  • Can be delivered right on time –to set the mood right.

So, for your next celebration, don’t forget to contact with the best sound rental firm in Toronto. Hire them to set the stage on fire!


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30 Jan Make your Event Lively and Happening with Event Lighting Rental Toronto

Even if you spend a fortune on any event, there are a few specific things on which any ceremony or circumstance. Lighting is one of them. Having the best suitable Lighting is a very big part of any event. It adds a completely new dimension to your celebration. It sets the mood of the gathering. To help you assist with lighting related issue has all that you need. As far as event lighting rental in Toronto goes this web portal is your best bet! Do take a look at the importance of lighting and the modus operandi of empire audio-visual.

Need of Perfect Event Lighting –

Even after spending a large sum of money, you still might feel that there is something missing from your ceremony or event. It is hence important to opt for a reputed service provider to get your event lighting rental Toronto. A good lighting has the following advantages:

  • Sets ambience & mood of the venue.
  • Makes your stage look large and enhances the speaker.
  • Photography or Videography acts as the proof of the event and also as a physical piece of memory. Better Lighting also improves and the photography/videography team.
  • All the attendees’ attention will be towards the focal points and it ensures all your attendees have a well-lit view.
  • It makes the overall presentation of the occasion perfect.

What Empireav offers?

Empire audio-video is associated with a lot of internationally recognized brands. Therefore, they can confidently claim to be the best at what they do. Their customer service is of high class value and quality for Event Lighting Rental in Toronto. To ensure seamless production, their professionally trained and knowledgeable staff use best equipment. To reduce carbon foot printing, they use environment friendly lighting.

How Empire Audio-Visual Operates?

It prepares for every specific event in a different way for Event Lighting Rental in Toronto. But for that, they follow some key line of work principles which are –

  • Full onsite visit by the company’s creative team.
  • Consultation with the event holder/customers event team.
  • To fulfill all requirement, making of a technical event itinerary.
  • Deployment of onsite technician at the time of event for its flawless execution.
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24 Jan Effective Tips to Choose the Right Toronto Audio Visual Rental

Planning or organizing a huge event requires you to pay attention to every single arrangement. Audio visual systems are one such crucial element that can tremendously change the entire ambience of your venue. Of course, you should never underestimate the impact that such systems create in bringing life into your experience. Imagine a presentation on the Caribbean without any audiovisual services. It will surely look like reading simple cue cards over a microphone.

However, with a professional Toronto audio-visual rental company, the situation can transform into an effective and dynamic one. Whether you are organizing a business conference or a wedding party, these systems are capable of adding life into it. While you are in the process of choosing the right audio visual rental company for your event, you need to keep in mind the following essential criterions –

Consider recommendations and reputation

The key factor that can help you make the right decision is the recommendation of your relatives and friends or check out the reputation of different companies online. With a thorough research over different names, you can surely end up at the right option.

Check out the experience

With the growing prominence of Toronto audio visual rental companies, the experience becomes the top most concern for you in making the decision. The more experience the company has, the more it becomes a reliable alternative. Also, make sure to read out the client’s testimonial section of the companies, to read out the reviews of its previous clients.

The equipment you want

The market is all engrossed with a variety of audio and visual equipment for your events. Amid such profusion, the choice is always yours. Of course, you will not like to compromise with the quality of the equipment you are using. Thus, you need to keep special attention over the maintenance of the equipment that the company offers to you.

Technical support and services

Also, look up for the quality of technical support as well as services the companies offer to you throughout the event. The kind of qualified experts a company owns reflects its expertise in providing outstanding technical support.

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16 Jan Projector Rental in Toronto – A smart decision to make your event a success!

Hosting any event is a big responsibility, whether at home or at work. You need to look into every detail and focus on every little thing so that at the end, you could hear praises for your efforts. However, it is not economically feasible to have all that one needs for staging a corporate and social event unless you are professionally involved in that line of work. is a web portal, which takes care of all your needs as far as hosting goes. It provides lighting, audio, visual, installation, production and staging services for any ceremonies.

Equipment for Rental –

You can opt for the following equipment on rent from leading companies operating into the business of project rental in Toronto.

  • Atmospheric Effect
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Podium
  • Staging
  • Follow Spots
  • Cable
  • Projector

Advantages of Projector

When tell you to have a projector at your event we have our reasons for it. The advantages of Projector rental in Toronto include as below:

  • Low Cost – Surprisingly, Projectors today are cheaper than flat screen TVs or rear-projection TVs. They are the least expensive video products on the market as far as per diagonal inch cost goes.
  • Enhanced Picture – Unlike the flat screen TVs or rear-projection TVs, most projectors produce large images at sizes of 90″ to 120″ diagonal.
  • Easy Installation – Besides few adjustments to set the correct tune for better picture quality, projectors generally are lightweight and too easy to set-up and install.
  • Less Space Required – Projector literally takes no floor space and when not in operation is invisible.
  • High Quality Depiction Of Smaller Images – If you don’t have enough space to accumulate a huge image, you can use your projector to throw a smaller image.

All these points makes projector rental in Toronto a safe, cheap and exceptional option to go for. Not only will act as a highlight of your function but also when all your guests will lure their eyes on one big screen, they all will go through the same emotions at the same time. Instead of saying the same thing repeatedly, you can just it in one try.

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